About Us

The Start of Sweet Cuts

We are a husband and wife team that makes and sells sugar cookies, cookie cutters and stencils.

In 2013 Sabrina made her first decorative cake for our 3 year old daughter. Everyone loved her cake! Throughout the years she’s made cakes often for family events. In the beginning of 2019 she decided to try her skills on decorating sugar cookies. From that point on she was hooked. She posted her sugar cookies for sale on Facebook. As all of you know who sell decorative cookies that from that point she was overwhelmingly booked.

The biggest problem she had was finding a cookie cutter that she could get in time for her custom orders. Another problem she had was sometimes she could only find what she was looking for in a set of other cookie cutters that she didn’t need. We had the idea to get a 3D printer to make our own cookie cutters so she didn’t have to worry about it anymore. After making some of our own cutters we realized we could also sell the cookie cutters that we made.

Knowing the frustration of finding the right cookie cutters and getting them in time is why it’s our top priority to solve those issues for our customers. High quality and good customer service has always been a big concern when buying any products in our personal lives. That is why high quality, good customer service and fast shipping are Sweet Cuts biggest focus.